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beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018

Logo of beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018 beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018

5th to 8th November 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

Why We Brand, Why We Buy

Why We Brand, Why We Buy is an entertaining sociological, scientific and anthropological overview of why humans buy and brand things.

This is what the presentation will cover:

What is the real reason we are so addicted to our technological devices? Is it something in our brain or instincts that provoke us to check our phone over 100 times a day?

Why do we like some brands and dislike others? Is there some "magic" that makes us ogle over the latest tech product or a particular pair of sneakers?

Why do we metabolise our purchases and why don't "things" make us really happy?

Why We Brand, Why We Buy takes a deep dive into the influence branding has on our everyday lives, from branding ourselves and the world around us, to the role branding plays in the products we buy and the way we live.

This session is held on in Studio at Admiralspalast Berlin