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beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

Logo of beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018 beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

5th to 9th May 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

Schedule for

  1. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    Web Annotation: The Web’s Conversation Layer

    Web Annotation—now a W3C standard—aims to establish a conversation layer on top of the web. By theoretically allowing anyone to annotate any web page content, it’s an ennobling premise and thoroughly web-like: democratic, open and standardised. But with this freedom comes challenges. Content publishers are faced with an anxiety-inducing lack of control over what people say about their content. And nothing in the standard itself protects against conversations devolving into troll-hijacked chaos. The evolution of Web Annotation mirrors that of the Web itself, in miniature, facing off with some of the same big themes of identity, security, authority and freedom.

  2. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    In the Brink of Consciousness

    Advances in deep learning and artificial intelligence are moving very fast now. People are starting to wonder what role Robots will have in our society. While many researchers are focusing on the very practical side, we have to wonder how we will interact with the Robots on a social level. How will we feel about them, and even more important: how will they feel about us?

    Jan will give an overview of his robot projects from recent years, giving insights in their production, and in their effect on their audience.

  3. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    From World War 1 to Fast & Furious Live

    Kate has designed and directed content projected onto a floor of ice, the ceiling of the London Design Museum, the bridge of the USS intrepid in NY and put content onto the smallest LEDs to create one of the largest screens for the London 2012 Olympics ceremonies. 2017 in particular saw two diverse, exciting and extremely complex projects!

    It goes without saying that each project requires a unique approach. But that approach encompasses so many variants. These large-scale projects are inevitably a roller-coaster ride of design, decision making, blood, sweat and sometimes, just sometimes tears!

    Kate will be going behind the scenes, To give an insight into the influences, processes and the challenges behind these kind of projects.

  4. Digital Garden (InVision)

    Broad Band – What History’s Female Internet Pioneers can Teach us about Tomorrow

    Claire Evans, author of Broad Band: The Untold History of the Women who Made the Internet, will share stories about the hardworking women who challenged convention to make key contributions to the history of our century’s most transformative cultural technology—the Internet. As we face issues of privacy, identity, and society in a networked world, we have much to learn from these women, who anticipated the Internet’s greatest problems, faced them, and discovered solutions we can still use today.

  5. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    A Tinker Story

    In this talk dina will share her tinker story, how it all started and why she continues to tinker. She will share what she’s learnt so far and the biggest mistakes she’s done. And hopefully show you a side of Egypt you’ve never seen before.

  6. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    The Importance of Failing Successfully

    Wes will share his 23+ years of experience starting out as a web programmer freelancing, to an interactive director at an ad agency to founding his own data visualisation studio in 2006. He will talk about how the journey (aka the process) is equally as important as arriving at the destination. And that journey is often faced with bumpy roads and unpleasant, unexpected events that we have to face and manage.

    In an ideal world, we all want our work and our relationships to succeed, but when they don’t, how can we create an environment that will catch our falls and give us the tools to keep going and build more strength for greater success. And what is success anyway?!

  7. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    No Effing Failure

    Vic will talk about his beginnings, how he got started as an illustrator, muralist, wordsmith and man of many Inkings.

    But to get to where he is has been a journey, from working 7 days a week, to constantly challenging himself and getting noticed in an increasingly flooded market.

    Vic will talk about hard work, how it pays off. Being reliable, always saying yes, and getting new clients. It's not a quick fix, but a dedicated daily routine to being the best he can be and to think of the next thing before some other sucker does.

    Vic will show how his clients trust him, from Nike to Virgin, The Tate to some of the worlds best design agencies. It's not about slacking or being scared and its realising that there is no such thing as failure.

  8. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    Design for Non-Designers

    Design can feel super intimidating when you feel more comfortable with code and don’t have a background in design. Knowing design basics and shortcuts can help your career in measurable ways: by helping you work more effectively with your coworkers as well as making it easier and faster for you to launch new projects from scratch without hiring a designer.

    This presentation will go over design for non-designers, skipping the university-level concepts and jumping right to shortcuts and easy-to-remember principles. Recommended for those who want to learn just enough design to be dangerous (or for designers who’d like to better teach their coworkers and colleagues); featuring quick hits, easy to understand and utilize principles that anyone can use to improve their design skills.

  9. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    Generative Spaces

    Generative algorithms have the capacity to produce complex and beautiful designs. Often times just a few simple rules can manifest incredible phenomena. The application of this particular class of programs have practical value and artistic beauty.

    Jared explored these types of programs early in his career. Now his interest in these systems has deepened. No longer are we trapped in the domain of the pixel. Generatively designed computational artifacts can now be brought into the physical world with digital fabrication.

    Through the use of several examples, a variety of techniques in the world of generative programming will be explored. Algorithms will be explained, secrets will be revealed, and haunting questions asked in this highly visual presentation designed to inspire.

  10. Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    Don't Use My Grid System (or any others)

    Web layout has always been a hack — compounded by responsive design, web application needs, and the desire for consistency. Join the creator of Susy (a meta grid-system) for a review of layout and grid techniques — when to use them, what to consider, and how to roll your own layouts with minimum code. We'll look at everything from floats to CSS Grid, flexbox, and even custom properties — and how to start using the new toys right away, with only a few lines of code.

    When to use floats, CSS Grid, flexbox, custom properties, and other techniques How to make grid-math simple, and lose the grid-system How to make grid-systems work for you when you need them