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beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

Logo of beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018 beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2018

5th to 9th May 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

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  1. Session image for Full-Day Workshop: Presenting Work With Confidence

    Full-Day Workshop: Presenting Work With Confidence

    Of course you have good ideas. But it takes more than a good idea to command attention. You need to package your message and project confidence. Mike Monteiro will show you how.

    The ability to turn a list of recommendations into a compelling story is the most critical skill that rarely gets taught—and never across disciplines. Designers learn to speak to designers, engineers to engineers, business leaders to each other, etc.

    During this workshop, we’ll cover effective presentation techniques including:

    • Confronting the terror of standing up in front of people
    • Taking charge of any room
    • Turning information and recommendations of any type into a good story for any audience
    • Mapping your work to shared goals and objectives
    • Asking for the right kind of feedback, and avoiding opening yourself up to stuff you don't need

    In a single day, Mike Monteiro will turn you into the most confident and prepared version of yourself you can imagine.

    Everyone loves this workshop!

    “The content was incredibly useful. I've mostly worked as a lone wolf in a sea of engineers and have been making it up as I go. Having some solid, easy to remember, principles for not messing up have already carried me through the last week of a pretty challenging project.”

    ”It was a revelation!”

    ”I don't know how to choose just one favorite part.”

    How your day will go

    In the morning, Mike will explain the core principles of powerful presentations and share the mistakes most people make. Then, participants will have the opportunity to each give their own presentation and learn how to offer constructive critique.

    The afternoon is for do-overs! Following the presentations and critique, each participant will be guided through refinement and given the opportunity to put the new techniques into practice. Everyone walks away a champion.

    Because of the intensive, collaborative nature of the workshop, we keep each class size small.

    This workshop is for you!

    Whether you’re a designer, a developer, an engineer, a product leader, or whatever funny name you’ve come up for yourself this week, your job includes having to convince someone of something. Time to do it better.

    Bring this one small thing.

    Be ready to give a 5-minute presentation. We will provide additional details to registered attendees in advance.

  2. Session image for Full-Day Workshop: The Magic of Stop Motion

    Full-Day Workshop: The Magic of Stop Motion

    A full-day workshop with dina Amin for a maximum of 10 people.

    Stop motion is one of the oldest animation techniques. In stop motion an object is physically manipulated and moved slightly in each photographed still frame, images are then compiled together to create a film of the object magically moving on its own. Anything you can imagine can become a reality with stop motion, anything!

    There is so much you can do with stop motion. You can take a boring still image and bring it to life! You would imagine such old analogue technique would be long forgotten by now, but stop motion content is now more trending than ever, popping on every single media platform. By knowing just a few principles you can turn a simple animation idea to an elaborate illusion.

    What will the workshop cover?

    • The history of stop motion and how it all started.
    • The tools you need, get to know the different tools you can utilise whether you are a beginner or a professional. Now with just an app you can tether or capture images with your phone's camera and make stunning stop motion animations.
    • The different types of stop motion and how you can use stop motion to create more engaging content.
    • How to set up for stop motion photography and mistakes you should absolutely avoid.
    • Animation principles and timing and spacing. By practicing and applying these principles you can advance from a beginner to a pro making your animations more smoother and realistic.
    • Stop motion secrets. How are all these illusions done? Learn a few tips and tricks to help you bring your ideas to life.
    • Time to Animate! In groups get to work on your own animation idea to make a short stop motion video, we will go through the whole process starting from finding an idea, creating the props and character and animating and compiling your video.

    Who is the workshop for?

    This workshop is for designers, photographers, artists or any content creator who would like to do more with still images. It is suitable for complete beginners who would like to get to know and experience the stop motion world or for those who would like to polish their stop motion skills and take it to a more professional level.

    What hardware/software do you need?

    The workshop is for a maximum of 10 people working in groups of two. We are currently working on a solution to get hard- and software sponsored, so that you only have to bring your laptops, but no cameras or software. That said: if this is not working out, we keep you up to date what the plan is.

  3. Session image for Full-Day Workshop: Kirby CMS

    Full-Day Workshop: Kirby CMS

    Kirby CMS is a fast and flexible file-based content management system used by companies like Daimler AG, The New York Times, Mozilla, Harvard and more. Bastian Allgeier is the founder and lead developer of Kirby. His workshop will show you how to build websites with Kirby's next major version.

    Bastian and his team have been working on Kirby 3 for more than a year now and Bastian wanted to provide this workshop as a chance for you to get an extensive introduction to this new version.

    You will be the first to work actively with the new features and possibilities. Learn how to move your existing site from earlier Kirby versions to Kirby 3 or start a new project from scratch.

    What will the workshop cover?

    You are going to work extensively with the new panel and dozens of improved backend features. Get an overview of Kirby's new REST API and the brand new Vue-based UI component kit for panel plugins.

    This workshop is a hands-on workshop as you wish it: bring your own projects and Bastian will show you tips and tricks how you and your clients can benefit from Kirby and the new version.

    What else is included?

    Everybody attending the workshop is going to get a free Kirby 3 PRO license and a 50% discount on your next Kirby 3 purchase included in the workshop ticket price.

    Required skills

    • You should be comfortable with HTML and CSS.
    • PHP skills are a plus, but knowledge in pretty much any other programming language will be useful as well.

    Do you need any hard- or software?

    • You should bring a laptop with your preferred (text) editor
    • A pre-installed version of Kirby's starter kit (we are going to send you, what you need before the workshop), so we don't waste time with the installation process. All attendees can get in contact with Bastian and ask for help before the workshop in order to get Kirby installed.

  4. in Club (main theatre) (Capitol Theater)

    Session image for Half-Day Workshop: Adobe XD Deep Dive

    Half-Day Workshop: Adobe XD Deep Dive

    Take the time and take XD for a spin, and discuss with the extended XD team

    Learn how to rapidly design, prototype, and share interactive experiences at the speed of thought. In this hands-on lab you’ll immerse into a new tool, and learn powerful tips and tricks to remove friction from your digital design process.

    Matthias Ott will provide unique insights into the roadmap and the user research driven development process at Adobe and explain how the XD team manages to deliver quality releases across five platforms on a monthly release cadence. Ask any question, and discuss best practices in product design and development with Matthias, who is a member of the XDI Team.


    After an introductionary discussion including proper expectation management we’re going to dive into bringing a simple user flow to live. Attendees will create an interactive prototype from scratch, that is shared for feedback and delivered to production. Attendees are to touch every feature of the software and will leave the workshop ready for production work using XD.

    Along the workshop, attendees will discuss common (and maybe even completely new) additional ideas and feature requests with the extended XD team and the group, and gain a good understanding on how XD can help solving day to day challenges now and in the future.

    Target audience

    This workshop is for designers working on products that are living on a screen, and for people of all job roles that want to prototype and communicate ideas.

    It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users of XD, and requires attendees to bring their own macOS or Windows 10 laptop and an iOS or Android device. Detailed instructions will be sent to attendees well in time before the workshop.

    About Matthias Ott

    Matthias is an independent UX designer and UI engineer based near Stuttgart, Germany. He teaches Interface Prototyping at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, curates the monthly newsletter, and frequently writes about the intersection of design, development, prototyping, and the (Indie)Web.

    Find Matthias here: - Website - Twitter - LinkedIn

    The half-day workshop is more or less free, but we need to ask for a small service charge of €25 incl. German VAT and booking fees.