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beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018

Logo of beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018 beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2018

15th to 17th January 2018

in Munich, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

Something new is cooking for you. From January 15–17, 2018 we gonna meet for the very first beyond tellerrand in Munich. Join us for a creative kick-off into the new year, with a wide and diverse range of topics. Stay tuned for more …

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  1. Profile photo of Carla Diana

    Carla Diana

  2. Profile photo of Dina Amin

    Dina Amin

  3. Profile photo of Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts

  4. Profile photo of Marcy Sutton

    Marcy Sutton

  5. Profile photo of Mark Robbins

    Mark Robbins

  6. Profile photo of Nadieh Bremer

    Nadieh Bremer

  7. Profile photo of Robin Christopherson

    Robin Christopherson

  8. Profile photo of Sara Soueidan

    Sara Soueidan

  9. Profile photo of Simon Collison

    Simon Collison

  10. Profile photo of Stefan Sagmeister

    Stefan Sagmeister

  11. Profile photo of Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly Friedman


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  1. All transcriptions of the videos for Munich are ready

    For accessibility matters – but not only – we get all videos of the talks transcribed by Tina Pham. Now all transcriptions for Munich are done and you can find them …

  2. The many topics of beyond tellerrand in Munich

    I have about why I run beyond tellerrand in Munich in January 2018, about what drives me, why Munich and why January. In short it is, because I was looking at the German …



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Marc Thiele @marcthiele

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Founder and organiser of beyond tellerrand, co-founder of SmashingConf. Hobby photographer and coffee addicted. Big child.