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beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2019

Logo of beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2019 beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2019

13th to 16th November 2019

Berlin, Germany

Part of the beyondtellerrand series

beyond tellerrand is an affordable event about web design, development, creativity, design and much more. This is our 6th edition in Berlin. After five years in the Admiralspalast we found a new home and am happy to get the ball rolling now.

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  1. Profile photo of Aaron Gustafson

    Aaron Gustafson

  2. Profile photo of Anna Ginsburg

    Anna Ginsburg

  3. Profile photo of Bastian Allgeier (Workshop only)

    Bastian Allgeier (Workshop only)

  4. Profile photo of Burton Rast

    Burton Rast

  5. Profile photo of Cassie Evans

    Cassie Evans

  6. Profile photo of Charlotte Dann

    Charlotte Dann

  7. Profile photo of Jason Pamental

    Jason Pamental

  8. Profile photo of Jeremy Keith

    Jeremy Keith

  9. Profile photo of Mike Hill

    Mike Hill

  10. Profile photo of Natalya Shelburne

    Natalya Shelburne

  11. Profile photo of Seb Lester

    Seb Lester

  12. Profile photo of Sharon Steed

    Sharon Steed

  13. Profile photo of Wilfrid Wood

    Wilfrid Wood


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  1. We’re Building a School Together

    Last year, 2018, at the Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand, Andy, one of the volunteers came to me and wanted to tell me about his new project. He told me that he started something special with his friend Jan. I sadly was a busy with running my event, so that I asked him to get back to me later to chat about what they are doing. …

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  2. Berlin 2019 is SOLD OUT

    And with this, I am stoked, excited, delighted, amused, surprised, and happy to let you know that #btconf Berlin 2019 is SOLD OUT. Thank you so much for your unbelievable support and trust in me and my little event. …

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