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BOB Konferenz 2018

Logo of BOB Konferenz 2018 BOB Konferenz 2018

23rd February 2018

Berlin, Germany

Part of the BOB series

Testing monadic programs using QuickCheck and state machine based models

I would like to show how one can apply property based testing to “real-world” programs, such as a CRUD web server application. I’m interested in properties about the system as a whole, not merely some pure parts of it (e.g. serialising and deserisalising to and from JSON).

To achieve this I’ve implemented a Haskell library on top of QuickCheck that makes it possible to specify the correctness of the system using pre- and post-conditions over a state machine model a la Erlang’s proprietary version of QuickCheck.

I’ll explain how the library works and demo how one can use it to specify the correctness of and test a simple CRUD web application. In the process we will expose bugs in the program logic as well as a race condition.

Finally, I’ll compare and contrast the approach presented to other similar tools: Z/B-method/Event-B, TLA+, and Jepsen.

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