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BOB 2019

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22nd March 2019

Berlin, Germany

Part of the BOB series


  1. Aaron W. Hsu

    I’m a passionate computing artist with over a decade of experience in Scheme before I began to explore the wider application of array languages to HCI/d, parallel programming, human/computer performance, and human to human communication.

  2. Profile photo of Chris Ford

    Chris Ford

    Chris began to make music with code to compensate for his poor piano technique. It was only later that he realised that programming offers deep insight into musical structures.

  3. Profile photo of Christoph Schmalhofer

    Christoph Schmalhofer

    Christoph Schmalhofer ist Software-Entwickler/Architekt bei InNuce Solutions in Hamburg.

  4. Profile photo of Eric Torreborre

    Eric Torreborre

    Software developer at Symbiont (Haskell). Author of the specs2 testing library in Scala.

  5. Profile photo of Franz Thoma

    Franz Thoma

    Franz Thoma is originally a physicist and works as a consultant and software engineer at TNG Technology Consulting in Munich.

  6. Profile photo of Gabriele Keller

    Gabriele Keller

    Gabriele Keller has recently been appointed as chair of the Software Technology Group at Utrecht University.

  7. Hannes Mehnert

    Hannes Mehnert researches in several engineering areas: from programming languages (such as compiler optimisation visualisation, type systems) over full functional correctness proofs of object-oriented code, the topic of his PhD dissertation, development environments for dependently typed languages, to network protocols (TCP/IP) and security protocols (TLS, OTR).

  8. Profile photo of İlke Zilci

    İlke Zilci

    Developer and co-organizer of the Software Crafters community in Berlin since May 2015, participant in coderetreats since October 2013.

  9. Profile photo of Jesse Alama

    Jesse Alama

    I’m a fullstack developer at GmbH, an online wine retailer based in Mainz, Germany.

  10. Profile photo of Joachim Breitner

    Joachim Breitner

    Ever since Joachim Breitner got infected with the Haskell fever in 2005, he has been an active part of the community, with many contributions to GHC, and lately, has been driving the GHC proposal process.

  11. Profile photo of Johannes Mainusch

    Johannes Mainusch

    Johannes Mainusch was IT manager at XING and Otto from 2007 to 2015, as well as at EPOST. In 2016, he co-founded kommitment, which brings democratic and participatory structures to industry.

  12. Profile photo of Lars Hupel

    Lars Hupel

    He has been using Scala for quite a while now, and is known as one of the founders of the Typelevel initiative which is dedicated to providing principled, type-driven Scala libraries in a friendly, welcoming environment. A frequent conference speaker and community representative at the Scala Center Advisory Board, he is active in the open source community, particularly in Scala. He also enjoys programming in and talking about Haskell, Prolog, and Rust.

  13. Profile photo of Malte Sandstede

    Malte Sandstede

    Malte Sandstede is a partner at Clockworks and a graduate student at TU Munich.

  14. Profile photo of Markus Winand

    Markus Winand

    Markus Winand is an independent author, trainer and consultant on all things SQL.

  15. Profile photo of Matthias Heinzel

    Matthias Heinzel

    Matthias started programming with C on microcontrollers, but during his computer engineering degree fell under the spell of immutability, purity and principled abstraction. Since then, he has been interested in both hardware, functional programming and what happens at their intersection.

  16. Profile photo of Michael Sperber

    Michael Sperber

    Michael Sperber is CEO of Active Group in Tübingen, Germany. Mike specializes in functional programming.

  17. Profile photo of Nicolas Frankel

    Nicolas Frankel

    Developer Advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for many different customers, in a wide range of contexts (such as telecoms, banking, insurances, large retail and public sector).

  18. Profile photo of Nicole Rauch

    Nicole Rauch

    Nicole Rauch is an independent software developer and development coach with a solid background in compiler construction and formal methods.

  19. Profile photo of Nikolas Göbel

    Nikolas Göbel

    Nikolas Göbel is a partner at Clockworks and a graduate student at ETH Zurich.

  20. Profile photo of Philipp Kant

    Philipp Kant

    During his postdoc years in theoretical particle physics, Philipp learned about functional programming, and in particular Haskell, and was immediately fascinated.

  21. Profile photo of Shriram Krishnamurthi

    Shriram Krishnamurthi

    Shriram Krishnamurthi is a Professor of Computer Science and an Associate Director of the Executive Master in Cybersecurity at Brown University.

  22. Stevan Andjelkovic

    I wrote my first property based test in 2006 as part of an introduction to Haskell at Chalmers University. I also did my master’s degree at Chalmers, before moving to Strathclyde University in 2011 to do a PhD on the topic of reasoning about effectful programs in type theory.

  23. Profile photo of Tikhon Jelvis

    Tikhon Jelvis

    I picked up Haskell as my first functional language on a whim, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

  24. Profile photo of Vitaly Bragilevsky

    Vitaly Bragilevsky

    Vitaly Bragilevsky works as a Senior Lecturer at the Southern Federal University in Rostov-on-Don, Russia where he teaches undergraduate students functional programming and theory of computations.