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28th February 2020

Berlin, Germany

Part of the BOB series

ReasonML and React (Marco Emrich)

Static type systems have arrived in the frontend! Typescript and Flow made them popular. ReasonML – the language by React Framework inventor Jordan Walke – goes one step further and brings a functional programming language from the ML family into the browser. ReasonML combines the semantics of OCaml with the common syntax of JavaScript.

With the language comes a redefinition of the popular React-Framework: ReasonReact. ReasonReact finally realizes the original vision, its creator had for React - a fully functional driven frontend framework! The framework comes already equipped with hooks and reducers. It also provides a type safe way to build components in a JSX-like syntax - without the need to overspecify, thanks to Reason's excellent type inference.

You will learn how to write Reason & ReasonReact code, which projects are worth using it and even when you should rather prefer alternatives like TypeScript or Elm.

In this workshop we will

  • take a look at the concepts of the ReasonML-language
  • model data with the algebraic type system
  • build a simple frontend application in ReasonReact
  • write unit-tests with bs-jest

This session is held on in Tutorials A