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BSidesSF 2019

20th to 22nd February 2020

San Francisco, United States

Call for Papers Closed


All talks are limited to 2 speakers only. Panels are limited to 5 participants (including the moderator). If you have a co-presenter or panels, you must first create the talk in the “my talks” section of, invite your co-presenters, and then submit the talk to the CFP.

This CFP is run blind, and no reviewer will know the presenter of a talk until after it is fully rated and accepted.

We are accepting the following talks this year.

General talks - 25 min regular talk format for various topics in security and privacy.

Deep dive talks - 50 min talk format to cover more technical deep dives.

Panels - 50 min panel discussion to bring together a group of experts on a broadly accessible topic.

Lightning talks - 10 min lightning talk about a new idea or project that you are exploring.

Off the record - 25 min or 50 min talks for topics that you would like to discuss “Off -the -record”. We will be enforcing no recording/photography for this track.