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Clarity 2016

Logo of Clarity 2016 Clarity 2016

31st March to 1st April 2016

in San Francisco, United States

Part of the Clarity series

The first ever design systems conference, Clarity, is a single track 2-day event in San Francisco.

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  1. Profile photo of Anna Pickard

    Anna Pickard

  2. Profile photo of Brad Frost

    Brad Frost

  3. Profile photo of Brandon Ferrua

    Brandon Ferrua

  4. Profile photo of Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier

  5. Profile photo of Claudina Sarahe

    Claudina Sarahe

  6. Profile photo of Cordelia McGee-Tubb

    Cordelia McGee-Tubb

  7. Profile photo of Donna Chan

    Donna Chan

  8. Profile photo of Isaak Hayes

    Isaak Hayes

  9. Profile photo of Jeremy Perez-Cruz

    Jeremy Perez-Cruz

  10. Profile photo of Jina Anne

    Jina Anne

  11. Profile photo of Maya Benari

    Maya Benari

  12. Profile photo of Miriam Suzanne

    Miriam Suzanne

  13. Profile photo of Nathan Curtis

    Nathan Curtis

  14. Profile photo of Rachel Nabors

    Rachel Nabors

  15. Profile photo of Richard Danne

    Richard Danne

  16. Profile photo of Stephanie Rewis

    Stephanie Rewis


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  1. Photos from Clarity …

  2. Storify (Twitter Conversations)

  3. clarity conf: designing for earthlings and astronauts

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  4. clarity conf: living systems: brand in the context of peoples lives.

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  5. clarity conf: baking accessibility in

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  6. clarity conf: communicating animation

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  7. clarity conf: being human, being slack

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  8. clarity conf: crawl, walk, run – the evolution of a design system

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  9. clarity conf: code patterns for pattern-making

    write up by Brad Frost:

  10. clarity conf: deconstructing web systems; or, a pattern language for web development

    write up by brad frost:

  11. clarity conference: beyond the toolkit: spreading a system across people & products

    write up by Brad Frost:

  12. clarity conf: building empowering style guides with practical research

    Write up by Brad Frost:

  13. Themes from #Clarity2016

    Write up by Vox:

  14. Net Magazine April 2016

    Clarity mentioned in Net Magazine:

  15. Clarity — A conference about style guides and design systems.

    Write up by James Ferguson:

  16. Design Details: 119 Dead Sea Scrollbar (feat. Yaron Schoen)

    Clarity mentioned in Design Details podcast:

  17. Shop Talk Show: 203 With Rachel Nabors and Dan Wilson

    Clarity mentioned in Shop Talk Show:

  18. Spotify Playlist

    Music played during the event:

  19. Building Empowering Style Guides with Practical Research

    Slides for Donna Chan's & Isaak Hayes's presentation:

  20. Communicating Animation

    Slides for Rachel Nabors’s presentation:

  21. Code Patterns for Pattern-Making

    Slides for Miriam Suzanne’s presentation:

  22. Dude Where’s My Icon?

    Lightning Talk at the after party by Molly Finkle of Yelp:

  23. Sketch Notes by Susan Lin …

  24. Mentions Listed on Lanyard …



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Jina Anne @jina Organizer Pro

Design advocate/advisor, event organizer, speaker, author, artist, developer

lives in San Francisco, California

Jina is a practitioner, advocate, and community builder focused on design systems.