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Clarity 2016

Logo of Clarity 2016 Clarity 2016

31st March to 1st April 2016

San Francisco, United States

Part of the Clarity series

Building Empowering Style Guides with Practical Research

Session image for Building Empowering Style Guides with Practical Research

As builders and makers in tech, we strive to create useful, empowering products for our users. A style guide is no different. Done well, it’s a product that all of its users — e.g. developers, designers, customers, partners, and more — find useful and empowering to use. Where should a team start? It begins with understanding your users and the different things they need from style guides. Whether your team is small or large, we’ll share practical research methods for gathering and translating these different needs into building useful and empowering style guides.


This session is held on in Theatre 1 at Alamo Drafthouse New Mission