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Clarity 2016

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31st March to 1st April 2016

San Francisco, United States

Part of the Clarity series

Communicating Animation

Session image for Communicating Animation

Animation is key component of beautiful and useful product design. Salesforce, Google, and IBM all feature motion design in their design systems, and there’s every reason you should, too. When designers and developers agree upon constraints, they can create UI components faster and present a unified, polished look and feel users appreciate.

Communicating animation is all about identifying patterns and setting boundaries and behavior expectations. This means:

  • creating custom easings that reinforce branding and physics
  • choreographing scalable timing values
  • creating a vocabulary of reusable components
  • combining those components into unique yet universal animation patterns.

Whether your project is big or small, if it has a style guide, you will want to include motion design. In this talk, you will learn how to bring animation to heel.


This session is held on in Theatre 1 at Alamo Drafthouse New Mission