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Clarity 2017

Logo of Clarity 2017 Clarity 2017

27th to 30th November 2017

in San Francisco, United States

Part of the Clarity series

The first ever design systems conference, Clarity, returns in San Francisco with a single track 2-day conference followed by 1 day of workshops.

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    Abi Jones

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    Amélie Lamont

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    Cameron Moll

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    Cap Watkins

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    Debbie Millman

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    Diana Mounter

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    Elyse Holladay

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    Henri Helvetica

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    Isha Kasliwal

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    Jina Anne

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    Josh Silverman

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    Linh Yao Pham

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    Mina Markham

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    Nathan Curtis

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    Una Kravets

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    Val Head


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Jina Anne @jina Organizer Pro

Design advocate/advisor, event organizer, speaker, author, artist, developer

lives in San Francisco, California

Jina is a practitioner, advocate, and community builder focused on design systems.