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Clarity 2017

Logo of Clarity 2017 Clarity 2017

27th to 30th November 2017

San Francisco, United States

Part of the Clarity series

Isha Kasliwal

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Senior UX Engineer, Design Systems, Salesforce

Originally from the east coast, Isha traded New York City for San Francisco to join a group of creative thinkers that are focused on solving problems at the forefront of frontend design. Isha is a Senior UX Engineer on the Design Systems team at Salesforce, who works on architecting scalable CSS for the Lightning Design System.

Previously, Isha worked as both a frontend engineer and UX designer at a fashion tech startup for 3 years. As a systems thinker, she designs, builds, operates, and maintains the links and interactions between functional components and visual designs.

While her day job includes concentrating on patterns and style guides, she’s also passionate about art, technology, and science, and where they all intersect. On the weekends, you can find her somewhere outdoors, eating a lot and looking for adventure.


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