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Clarity 2018

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10th to 12th December 2018

New York, United States

Part of the Clarity series

Creating Cultures of Empathy

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The same general trajectory: a decent idea executed flawlessly by a cohesive team of hard workers. No matter the project, everything can be achieved following this general guideline. But the exact thing that can create global companies, solve impossible problems and bring ideas to life is also the same reason why so many companies fail. That thing is us. People. And when we’re at our best, there isn’t anything we can't do. So how do we optimize collaboration? How do we work better together even if we don’t see eye-to-eye with everyone on our teams? And how do we create a culture of empathy when all we can see about everyone around us is our differences?

This talk will explore empathy in an unusual way: from the perspective of a stutterer. We’ll examine what empathy truly is (and is not) and reveal the specific actions individuals must engage in daily to create a culture of empathy on their team.

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