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Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Course

1st to 5th March 2021



The course aims to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts of Corporate Governance, business ethics and CSR which are relevant to the contemporary business environment. It is designed to foster participants understanding of the ethical influences on economic, financial, managerial, and environmental aspects of business. The course further aims to develop an ability to critically analyses ethical issues in organization. This course reviews different regulatory processes essential to the understanding of the principles of corporate governance.


5 days

Who should attend?

Professionals in private companies, international organizations, NGOs, and governments who would like to learn and apply the concept of governance will find this program helpful.

Course Objective:

o Explain and evaluate corporate governance plays in maintaining the stability of markets and retaining public confidence in public intuitions

o Describe and analyses the primary parts of corporate governance frameworks

o Explain and evaluate the role of audit in corporate governance

o Compare and contrast approaches to corporate governance internationally

o Implications of the nature and scope of social and environmental accountability for corporate governance practice

o Explain and evaluate the roles and responsibilities of executive directors, non-executive directors, auditors and company secretaries in ensuring effective corporate governance

o Explain the external reporting requirements relating to corporate governance

o Essential role of ethical values in business relations and the importance of the ethical treatment of others for individual and organizational success

o Concepts and principles of ethical reasoning which have been developed in ethical theory, and to be able to apply these concepts and principles to specific ethical issues

o Legal and regulatory structure of business as it bears on ethical issues in business and the ethical basis of that structure

o Assess the ethical basis of corporate organization and governance, including the ethical arguments for and against the concepts of corporate social responsibility and stakeholder

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