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Crash Course: Product Prototyping

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16th December 2020


1 reason for products to fail is building something nobody wants. Learn how to use prototypes to build customer centric products which users love to use.

A report from 100 FirstHits says that the number one reason for the startups to fail is because they build something nobody wants. Many times teams build the solutions without validating the assumptions about the problem and the solution as well. This leads to products or solutions which users might not buy and eventually products fail. There are various methods such as lean startups, MVP, design thinking, experimentation and so on that you can make use of to validate your assumptions before building the product. All of them have prototyping as one of the core steps.

This crash course will provide you an overview of prototype and how to prototype.

Facilitator: Jayaprakash D B, Co-Founder @ Leanpitch & Leangears (

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