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Design Meets Code LAB: #Responsive Typography

Logo of Design Meets Code LAB: #Responsive Typography Design Meets Code LAB: #Responsive Typography

6th June 2019

Leipzig, Germany

Meanwhile there are methods to implement sophisticated typography using CSS and Sass easy in a nerve-sparing and time-efficient way - without thousands of breakpoints. That's what we want to see! Let's try it out! Graphics and UX designers, programmers and everyone else involved in digital design are very welcome.


REGISTRATION till 5th of June 2019—

We are FULLY BOOKED OUT! Thanks so much for your trust :)
If you still would like to attend the event, please write an email and
we will put you on the waiting list.

Depending on requirements, we hold the event in English or German.
Please tell us in the registration mail which language you'd prefer.

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