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DevNet Create Developer Conference

24th to 25th April 2019

Mountain View, United States

Call for Papers Closed


Where Apps Meet Infrastructure See it. Learn it. Code it. Today, infrastructure is being deployed around the world to digitize buildings, cities, roadways, retails stores, banks, hospitals, you name it. With this digitization comes tremendous opportunity for you to innovate.

But what does that mean? Did you know that your wireless access points can provide indoor location data of other small devices? This huge set of data about your customers, your residents, your patients means a ton of opportunity for you to create business-serving applications right on top of the network.

Or, what about awesome machine learning and artificial intelligence apps built to connect smart cities, smart retail, or smart roads—tying physical infrastructure to the cloud for instant business impact?

And who can forget security? You can now you deliver those APIs straight from your infrastructure.

Yes, you can do all these things and DevNet Create is your place to get your hands on new technologies and learn how to build and code new systems.

DevNet Create is your one-stop shop to see innovation, build opportunities, and code your solutions—in two days, under one roof.

Come to DevNet Create to see, build, and code with us.