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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

29th June to 3rd July 2020

London, United Kingdom

Diversity and inclusion have positively permeated the world of business. As the world moves ahead, the workplace will evolve — not just in terms of technological revolution, but also in terms of the composition of the workforce.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion have evolved from that of compliance, to that of strategy that can be leveraged upon. This is evidenced by High Performing Organizations that champion diversity and inclusivity and are concurrently rewarded by the ethical growth of their employer value proposition (EVP). The critical importance placed on workplace diversity and inclusion primarily results from the recognition that improved diversity can result in increased creativity and innovation, which increases performance.

This definitive workshop builds the business case and establishes the key process to define a diverse and inclusive workplace via global benchmarks and best practices.

This training course will feature:

  • Understanding Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Building a business case for Diversity
  • Communicating the benefits of Diversity
  • Identifying role-model behaviors and language
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion
  • Developing diversity focused supervisors and employees
  • Linking Diversity strategies to the long-term success of an organization
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