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dotJS 2017

Logo of dotJS 2017 dotJS 2017

1st December 2017

in Paris, France

Part of the dotJS series


  1. Profile photo of Adrian Holovaty

    Adrian Holovaty

    Co-creator of Django Developer of Soundslice

  2. Profile photo of Brendan Eich

    Brendan Eich

    Inventor of JavaScript Founder & CEO of Brave Software

  3. Profile photo of Christophe Porteneuve

    Christophe Porteneuve

    JavaScript trainer & author

  4. Profile photo of Lucas F. Costa

    Lucas F. Costa

    Core Maintainer of Chai.js & Sinon.js FullStack Developer at

  5. Profile photo of Marcy Sutton

    Marcy Sutton

    Award-winning senior front-end developer and accessibility advocate

  6. Profile photo of Sean Larkin

    Sean Larkin

    Webpack core team Technical Program Manager for Microsoft’s Web Platform Team

  7. Profile photo of Suz Hinton

    Suz Hinton

    Open source JavaScript hardware developer and accessibility advocate

  8. Profile photo of Thomas Watson

    Thomas Watson

    Node.js developer at Elastic Open source hacker

  9. Profile photo of Trent Willis

    Trent Willis

    QUnit Project Lead Senior UI Engineer at Netflix

  10. Profile photo of Wes Bos

    Wes Bos

    Author of web development online courses Co-host of