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dotJS 2018

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9th November 2018

Paris, France

Part of the dotJS series

The largest JavaScript conference in Europe. Come see the best developers worldwide speak on the most beautiful stages Paris has to offer.

dotJS is coming back in 2018 with its sister conference dotCSS, in the same venue you all loved in 2017: The Dock Pullman!

We will continue inviting the best and brightest of the JavaScript community to explore new horizons both on the frontend and the backend.

You can expect a few surprises, and more than 1400 new friends to make!

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  1. Profile photo of Kurt Mackey

    Kurt Mackey

  2. Profile photo of Lauren Tan

    Lauren Tan

  3. Profile photo of Myles Borins

    Myles Borins

  4. Profile photo of Sacha Greif

    Sacha Greif

  5. Profile photo of Tobias Ahlin

    Tobias Ahlin


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