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dotJS 2018

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9th November 2018

Paris, France

Part of the dotJS series


  1. Profile photo of Kurt Mackey

    Kurt Mackey

    Kurt is the co-founder of, a global application runtime (write JavaScript, run it everywhere). He ran tech for Ars Technica for 8 years, then left to build (YC S11), which was acquired by IBM in 2015.

  2. Profile photo of Lauren Tan

    Lauren Tan

    Lauren is an Engineering Manager at Netflix, and thoughtful engineer at heart. Although formally educated in Finance, she's been involved in the crossroads of technology, design, and business for more than a decade. She's also an active contributor to open source, maintaining a number of popular libraries.

  3. Profile photo of Myles Borins

    Myles Borins

    Myles is the Node.js TSC Director and a developer advocate for Google Cloud.

  4. Profile photo of Sacha Greif

    Sacha Greif

    Sacha Greif is an independent designer and developer living in Kyoto, Japan. He's the co-author of Discover Meteor, and the creator of Vulcan.js and the State of JavaScript survey.

  5. Profile photo of Tobias Ahlin

    Tobias Ahlin

    Tobias is the Experience Design Director at Mojang, where he directs the design and the UI infrastructure for Minecraft. He has worked as a Product Designer at Spotify, as a Product Designer at GitHub in San Francisco, and he is a frequent lecturer at the creative business school Hyper Island.