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EMEA Leaders Diversity and Inclusion Summit,(Virtually Driven)

Logo of EMEA Leaders Diversity and Inclusion Summit,(Virtually Driven) EMEA Leaders Diversity and Inclusion Summit,(Virtually Driven)

8th to 9th July 2020


Driven by the Changing Landscapes in the Past Two Years, Europe, Middle East and Africa have been Marked by an Uptick in Awareness of the Many Challenges Organizations and Society Face in Identifying and Truly Understanding the Unique Differences Among People.

These Countries have Gone Through a Notable Transformation with Respect to “Diversity and Inclusion” and its Implications. However, there are Still Multiple Nuances in this Field Which are Essential to Create a Uniquely Diverse and Inclusive Culture.

The “EMEA Leaders Diversity and Inclusion Summit” aims at Bringing Together 120+ Thought Leaders Together Along with 30+ Speakers Who will Aim at Discussing these Nuances and Help Understanding “Diversity and Inclusion” in its Truest Sense. This Platform will be an Eye-Opener for many Organizations who Strive to Achieve Diversity even after Knowing that it is the Key to a Successful Business.

According to a Study, 55% of Respondents to a Society for Human Resource Management survey “very strongly” or “strongly” agree that their Employers’ Policies Promote Diversity and Inclusion, and Both Issues are Rated as an Important Issue by 69% of Execs, according to a Deloitte Study. These Data Types Suggest that Building Diversity and Inclusion Throughout an Organization is Becoming more of a “Must Do” than a “Nice To Do” for Both Ethical and Business Reasons.

If You are also an Advocate of “Diversity and Inclusion” then this is the Perfect Platform for You to Meet Like Minded People and Create Ripples of Change.

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