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EuroSTAR Conference 2019

11th to 14th November 2019

Prague, Czechia

From our Programme Chair, Isabel Evans: “When I was asked to be the programme chair 2019 I was humbled and delighted – I still am! I’ve been coming to EuroSTAR since 1999, and this community is like a family to me! Supportive, caring, sometime arguing, always learning from each other, always welcoming new members, finding new ways to interact and grow. This community has helped me to work better, to work well.

And that is this year’s theme: “Working Well”

That’s what we want to deliver. The software, technology, products and services that we design, build and test: whatever they are, we want to deliver them working well. And to meet that purpose, we need to think about how we work well; our practices, our people, and our challenges. To build you a great conference for 2019, I’m looking for your stories about your experiences of Working Well under several broad headings:

Our purpose is to deliver products and services that are working well:

  • UX and meeting the customers’ needs;
  • Delivering requirements and stories;
  • Measuring and delivering value

Our practices support us in working well

  • Engineering, craftsmanship, methods and lifecycles;
  • Approaches, techniques, and types of testing;
  • Tools and automation;

Our people are working well

  • Skills and knowledge;
  • Teams and organisations;
  • Health and welfare;

Our challenges for working well now and in the future

  • Change, growth, transition and evolution;
  • Ethics and professionalism;
  • Working Unwell.

We are looking for submissions that cover all the usual topics for a EuroSTAR conference, and more! You may be thinking agile, waterfall, exploratory, automation, functional, performance, security, usability, reliability, accessibility, skills, teams, domain, technical, quality, excellence, just in time, case study, experience, research… and you will have ideas that I have not thought of! Send them in! Closing date for submissions is 4th February 2019.

You can enter submissions for all the usual EuroSTAR types of session. We welcome applications to present: Full day tutorials, Half day tutorials, Keynotes, 90 minute workshops and discussion sessions, 45 minute Track Talks, Post conference workshops/discussions and Special Sessions – anything you believe will enhance the theme and the conference! In addition, we have a new submission category…

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