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Expert Talks 2018

11th November 2018

Pune, India

Expert Talks is an annual conference that brings together practitioners from the software community to share technological innovations that drive modern businesses forward. It’s part of an initiative which brings local tech communities together, and is organised all over the world! You can find a list of all ExpertTalks Meetups here.

We are seeking speakers for our upcoming 2018 edition. If you are an enthusiastic geek with experiences, stories and knowledge to share on the listed topics, please do get in touch with us. The community is waiting to hear from you!

  • Intelligent systems built on Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience reports - how technology helped you build a startup or product
  • Virtual currencies/tokens
  • Trading / payments based on Blockchain
  • Observability - using telemetry to understand system behaviour
  • Privacy and ethics in tech
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive web apps / Native web

The event will be held in Pune, India.

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