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Form Function & Class 8

Logo of Form Function & Class 8 Form Function & Class 8

16th September 2017

City of Taguig, Philippines

Part of the Form Function Class series

Form Function & Class returns September 16! Get ready for another jam-packed day of learning the latest, most important ideas in digital design & front-end, delivered to you by industry leaders in the Philippines, Asia, and the rest of the world.

The name of our conference alludes to the 3 elements of a website: <form> from HTML, function() from JavaScript, .class from CSS. It also refers to 3 concepts central to the craft: form, function, and continuous learning.

As previous FFC speaker Brad Frost wrote: “The bidirectional & interactive nature of the web adds many more dimensions to what constitutes good design. Speed, screen size, environment, technological capabilities, form-factor, ergonomics, usability, accessibility, context, and user preferences must be considered if we want to create great work for this brave new digital world.”

So at Form Function & Class, we aim to equip you with knowledge & techniques so you can create good design in all these different dimensions.

One participant described FFC as “the meatiest design-related conference” they’ve attended. It has also featured the likes of Rachel Nabors, Rico Sta. Cruz, Jina Bolton, Dan Matutina, John Allsopp, Sacha Greif.

See what happened last year!

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