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16th January 2021


Word-of-mouth, or a good recommendation or review from a friend is far more persuasive than any straightjacketed advertising gimmick. This is where Influencer Marketing comes into the picture. From the the Nikes and Adidas’, to the Tatas of the world, brands have taken their goods and services into every single household.

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    ADMC, one of India’s premier digital marketing institutes was founded with a vision to improve digital marketing knowledge with comprehensive, training programmes and LIVE projects, to help you be the best digital marketer you can be.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or already part of the digital industry, our courses are designed to encourage digital marketers to fulfil their potential. We are with you all the way from the first steps you take on the career ladder, right to when you become an industry leader. The remarkable vision of our team of seasoned digital marketers and professionals, who have a combined experience of 10-15 years in digital, meant that we were ready to cater to the growing demands of the digital world.