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GETconf 2019

26th April 2019

in Omaha, United States

Gender Equity in Tech Conference, GETconf for short, is a one-day conference to amplify + celebrate the voices of women & gender expansive individuals in tech.

What we mean when we say "gender equity" You're probably familiar with the concept of equality, which basically means giving everyone the same access to resources and opportunity.

Equity on the other hand, involves a more holistic approach that takes into account factors such as historical context, systemic oppression, biases, privilege and other things that can impact someone's ability to achieve success. Equality assumes that given the same set of resources all people will be able to succeed. Equity means giving people the resources they need to succeed as an individual, and acknowledges that it may take additional resources for those in marginalized identities. Another way to think about it: Diversity is inviting various people to the table. Inclusion is offering them a meal. Equity is everything done to accommodate each guest.

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