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Grant Management using Sun Accounting System Course

1st to 12th March 2021



This course is designed to enable those involved with grant management to become efficient and effective in the acquisition and utilization of funds for development purposes, using appropriate techniques and application of accounting and finance principles.


10 days

Who should attend?

Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Procurement Directors, Procurement managers, Procurement officers, Administrators, Project officers, Budget Accountants, Auditors, Chief Accountants, Credit Controllers

Course Objective:

o Identify and assess the critical terms and conditions of grant aid for donor-funded projects

o Ensure compliance with donor terms and conditions

o Providing supporting documents

o Procurement of goods and services; and meeting financial reporting requirements

o Use a grant schedule to managing multiple-funded programmes

o Prepare a donor financial report to match with a project narrative report.

o Describe the four phases in the grant management cycle

o Clarify key responsibilities and routines needed for successful grant management

o Describe the impact of foreign exchange on grant management

o Identify the requirements for closing off a donor grant.

o Use of sun system and Excel in management of grant

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