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Hack\Talks 2017

Logo of Hack\Talks 2017 Hack\Talks 2017

23rd November 2017

Helsinki, Finland


  1. Profile photo of Adrian Hornsby

    Adrian Hornsby

    Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

  2. Profile photo of André Staltz

    André Staltz

    Open Source Hacker

  3. Profile photo of Chris Heilmann

    Chris Heilmann

    Senior Program Manager and Evangelist at Microsoft

  4. Profile photo of Dr. Timo Aila

    Dr. Timo Aila

    Distinguished Research Scientist NVIDIA

  5. Profile photo of Pasi Niemi

    Pasi Niemi

    Principal Cloud Architect at Nitor Creations

  6. Profile photo of Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen

    Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen

    Professor of Computer Games, Aalto University. Scientific Advisor, Valo Motion

  7. Profile photo of Prof. Tamy Boubekeur

    Prof. Tamy Boubekeur

    Telecom ParisTech. Chief Scientist, Allegorithmic

  8. Profile photo of Stefan Judis

    Stefan Judis

    Developer Evangelist at Contentful

  9. Profile photo of Tero Karras

    Tero Karras

    Principal Research Scientist NVIDIA

  10. Profile photo of Vinh Truong

    Vinh Truong

    Graphics Programmer, Umbra