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Hack\Talks 2017

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23rd November 2017

Helsinki, Finland

Finlandia Hall »

Graphics Track

Sessions in this room

  1. in Graphics Track (Finlandia Hall)

    Dr. Timo Aila

    The talk describes a novel deep learning technique, that significantly enhances the quality of physically-based renderers and takes large steps towards bringing photorealistic, physically-based, fully dynamic lighting to games.

  2. in Graphics Track (Finlandia Hall)

    Vinh Truong

    Are that 2 billion triangles in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? The talk goes through advanced Augmented Reality viewer on an iPhone and how the "magic happens" throughout the viewers' long pipeline.

  3. in Graphics Track (Finlandia Hall)

    Tero Karras

    New machine learning technique is able to synthesize realistic pictures of imaginary people by distilling the “essence” of facial portraits from a training set into a generative neural network.