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How To Engage & Retain Customers In A Post-COVID World

Logo of How To Engage & Retain Customers In A Post-COVID World How To Engage & Retain Customers In A Post-COVID World

31st October 2020

Ahmedabad, India

LoyaltyXpert is a division of Ecosmob, global leaders in enterprise-grade VoIP technologies, software development, and outstanding artificial intelligence solution providers. LoyaltyXpert inherits the genes of Ecosmob powering our loyalty platform. Customers are the priority for us and their success is our reward. Just as we help you build lasting bonds of loyal relationships with your customers so do we believe in building long-term customer connections based on delivering satisfaction. The ethos forms the weft and warp of the fabric of our company and when you engage us you get a loyal partner to power your loyalty programs with the help of technology.

LoyaltyXpert is a one-stop solution for loyalty programs that offer commendable solutions integrated with powerful retention strategies. We ensure a perfect mix of functionality, affordability, and flexibility to manage and run your loyalty programs. We help you in making your business future-ready to overcome challenges that act as a hurdle in increasing customer retention rates.

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, you will understand generic Business processes/practices in the pre-Covid scenario and the context of challenges posed by the Pandemic, and the Impact of Post COVID scenario on Business processes and deliverables, and what are the solutions and options to overcome challenges posed by the pandemic.

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  1. Ajay Pareek – Director Operations at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd.

  2. Ruturaj Maniyar – Project Lead at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd


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