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International Conference on Flimstudies, Media and Audiovisual Translation 2020

8th to 9th September 2020

London, United Kingdom

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Media Studies, Advertising and Consumer Culture, American Film Genres, Art/Media Connections, Audience and Fan Studies, Audience and Reception Studies, Authorship and Genre, Avant-Garde and Experimental Media, Cinema Studies, Comics and Graphic Novels, and Journalism, Communication and Democracy, Communication Arts and Sciences, Communication Law and Policy, Communication Policies and Culture Studies, Communication Studies, Mass Media, Communications Media Technologies, Contemporary Cinema: Industries, Narratives, Bodies, Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Creative Arts, Film and Media, Critical Cultural and Media Theories of Bodies, Technology, Language and Gender, Cult Media Studies, Cultural and Media Theories of Bodies, Cultural Transformations, Cultures and Identities in Film, Media and Literature, Democratisation- Communication Flow and Interaction, Diaspora, Migration and the Media, Digital Culture, Documentary and Propaganda Film, Feminist Theory: Gender and Political Studies, Film and TV Audiences, Film and Television Genres, Film Criticism and Theory, Film Exhibition, Film Studies, Film, Still Photography, Television, and Digital Media, Fine Art, Design and Communications, Gender and Queer Studies, Gender and Technology, Gendered Spectatorship, Globalization Theory/Transnational Media, Horror and Science Fiction Film, Influences on News Selection, International and Intercultural Communication, International Film Festivals, International Literature in Film Studies, Internet Communities, Internet as a Medium for Cinema, Movies, Video, Film Communication, Internet Media Studies, Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction, Issues of Authorship and Queer Identities, Journalism Studies and Communications, Languages and Linguistics, Latin American Cinema, Media and Culture, Lesbian/Gay/Queer Cinema and Theory, Marketing and Communications, Mass Communication and Media Studies, Mass Communication and Theatre, Mass Media and Communications, Media and Communications databases, Media Communication and Culture, Media Criticism, Media Institutions and Industries, Media, Art and Communications, Media, Religion, and Culture, Moving-Image Culture, Music, Movies and Meaning, National Cinemas, Organizational and Strategic Communication, Performance and Ethnography, Performance and Performance Theory, Photography, Political Communication, Policy, and Participation, Audiovisual translation as an accessibility tool (through audio description, respeaking, SDHH), Experimental research in AVT, Methodologies of AVT research, Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Technological developments in AVT, Translation quality assessment, Teaching and training audiovisual translators,

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