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International Conference on Next Generation Computer and Information Technology 2020

15th to 16th September 2020

London, United Kingdom

Call for Papers Closed


Agents and Agent-based modeling, Biomedical Engineering, Biometrics, Bioinformatics and Computation, Body area sensor networks, Cloud applications, Cloud architecture, Cloud clients, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud platforms, Communication and Networking, Computer Human Interaction, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Control and Automation, Cooperative Signal Algorithms for Sensor Networks, Cyber Security and information security, Data fusion and Security, Data mining and Database, Education, Open Leaning and Natural Language Processing, Electronic Design Automation, Energy optimization and Management, Engineering Applications of IT - CAD/CAM, CAE, CIM, CNC, Fuzzy Logic, Reasoning and Computational Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Information and Communication Systems, Intelligent sensing applications, IT application in language teaching, IT in Health Care, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Mobile Data Communications, Multimedia and Application, New Technology & Trends, Ontologies for different domains and applications, Ontology driven information and knowledge-based systems, Ontology engineering, Performance Evaluation of Sensor Networks, Power & Power Electronics, Public / Hybrid / Private cloud, Remote Sensing, GIS, Instrumentation and Biomedical Engineering, Robotics, Security and Hacking, Sensor integration techniques, Sensor Networks Architecture, Sensor technology applications, Signal and Image Processing, Signal and Information Processing, Software Engineering and Software Technology, Surveillance and Monitoring, Telecommunication and Information Management, Telecommunication and Mobile Communications, Underwater sensor networks, Vehicular sensor networ, Web Content Generation, Usage and Management, Web-applications, Wireless networks of autonomous computing devices, Wireless Radio, Wireless sensor network security,