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International Conference on Security in Computing and Cloud Computing 2020

8th to 9th September 2020


Call for Papers

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Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Architecture and Systems Cloud Computing Models, Simulations, Designs, and Paradigms Cloud Management and Operations Dynamic Resource Provision and Consuming Cloud Computing Technologies, Services and Applications Cloud Security Security Evaluation and Benchmarks Based on Cloud Security Policy, Security Theory and Models Based on Big Data Authentication, Authorization and Reliability Issues in Cloud Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing Information Security and Risks Management Machine Learning for Security Information Hiding Coverless Information Hiding Steganography and Steganalysis Digital Watermarking, Fingerprinting and Forensics Multimedia Authentication and Encryption Covert/Subliminal Channels IoT Security Data Security and Privacy in the IoT Attacks and Countermeasures on IoT Systems Trust Model, Data Aggregation and Information Sharing Secure Hardware and Software for IoT Application Security for IoT Multimedia Forensics Active and Passive Forensics Big Data Forensics Portable electronic device forensics Network Forensics Anti-forensics Encryption Measurements for Cybersecurity Post Quantum Cybersecurity Visualization for Security Applied Cryptography Language-based Security

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