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India Energy Storage Week-International Virtual conference and expo

India Energy Storage Week-International Virtual conference and expo

2nd November 2020


Schedule for

  1. Main Room

    4th November | Stationary Energy Storage India (SESI)

    Regulatory & Policy on Stationary Energy Storage

    Energy Storage Systems for Grid

    Behind the Meter (BTM) ESS

    India Projects on Energy Storage

    MICRO (Microgrid Initiative for Campus & Rural


    International Panel - Global Experience

    Beyond Batteries (Mechanical Storage, thermal storage,

    pumped hydro, flywheel, gravity storage etc.)

  2. Main Room

    5th November | E-Mobility (Electric Vehicle & Charging Infra)

    Regulatory & Policy on Electric Mobility

    Electric Mobility 360 (OEM’s Prospective e2W, e3W,

    e4W, commercial passenger EV)

    Beyond EV Components, Power train & Opportunities

    for Indian Manufacturers

    Charging infrastructure & Swapping

    Beyond Road Transport (Aerial transportation, Electric

    Boats etc.)

  3. Main Room

    6th November | Investment, R&D Summit (Energy Storage & EV)

    Advanced Energy Storage Technologies

    Indian R&D Ecosystem & Industry-Academic Partnership

    Materials level R&D activities (TRL = 1-4)

    Cell prototyping and battery management (TRL = 5-7)

    Emerging Application of Energy Storage

    National and International Experience in Technology


    Safety & performance consideration of battery in Indian


    Technology Transfer & Patent Acquisition

    Global investment in energy storage & E-Mobility

    Market Updates (Merger & Acquisition)

    Start-Up Pitch