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International Conference on Web Science and Engineering 2020

15th to 16th September 2020

London, United Kingdom

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Adaptive, contextualized and personalized Web applications Applications of SWS to E-business and E-government Architectures for SWS Deployment Business process management Cloud Computing for Internet services delivery Component-based Web application development Composition approaches for Web services Composition of Semantic Web Services Conceptual modeling of Web applications Context-aware Web services Data repair strategies Dataset dynamics and introspection Deployment and usage analysis of Web applications Domain-specific languages for Web application development Empirical Web engineering Formal methods Foundations of Reasoning about Services and/or Processes Foundations of Web Services Information quality assessment Inter-organizational Web applications Linked Data consumption, visualisation and exploration Linked Data Services Management and governance Mashup development and end user Web programming Mobile Web applications and device-independent delivery Model-driven Web application development Models, methodologies, and tools Ontologies and Languages for Process Modeling and Service Description Patterns for Web application development and pattern mining Performance modeling, monitoring, and evaluation Processes and methods for Web application development Publishing, discovery, and selection Quality of service and its metrics for Web applications Rich Internet Applications Security of Web services Semantic Web services Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Evolutions Social Web applications Software agents for Web services composition Software As A Service (SaaS) Standards and implementation and deployment technologies Standards for Web services Supporting Enterprise Application Integration with SWS SWS Conversational Protocols and Choreography Technologies for building and operating massive data centers Testing and evaluation of Web applications Ubiquity and pervasiveness Validation and testing Web 2.0 and Web X.0 concepts in Web services settings Web application architectures and frameworks Web content management and data-intensive Web applications Web data engineering Web data linking, fusion Web mining and information extraction Web quality and Web metrics Web service engineering methodologies Web service-based architectures and applications Web Services Applications beyond Web Applications Web usability and accessibility

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