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IxDAb #62: Design or Decoration?

Logo for IxDA Berlin IxDAb #62: Design or Decoration?

27th September 2017

Berlin, Germany

Part of the IxDA Berlin series

Cortana. Alexa. Siri. OK Google. Perhaps we had forgotten these names over our summer break. Getting back into the swing of things at work, we may be reflecting our life choices and reconsider taking up the offer of moving to an off-the-grid farm from that traveller we met. Hmm. He didn’t have a smartphone to talk to, and he still seemed OK. Strange…

We had so much time to think about our jobs, away from the keyboard. We want more of that, heck we want to make products that matter, we are reconsidering our career in tech. But as we come back to work, that all fades. We get into the treadmill and we think about the next task at work. The ethics of our work falls to the bottom of our Prio list.

Take a couple of hours out of that busy schedule. Let’s take a critical look at the swing of things, bringing in Aral Balkan, a cyborg rights activist, designer, and developer ("The Ethical Design Manifesto"), to discuss social justice in the digital age.

Let’s continue the year with a spark, Kathryn, Thomas, Audrey and Jay

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