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Kanban System Design (KMP1) Virtual (26 , 27 Sept & 3 , 4 Oct 2020 IST)

Logo of Kanban System Design (KMP1) Virtual (26 , 27 Sept & 3 , 4 Oct 2020 IST) Kanban System Design (KMP1) Virtual (26 , 27 Sept & 3 , 4 Oct 2020 IST)

26th September to 4th October 2020


Kanban System Design (KMP Foundation 1) Online Certification is offered by Kanban University. This training is ideal for you if you are new Scrum teams who are struggling to reach a sustainable pace of development in the organization or a Scrum team who are overwhelmed by frequent changes in the Sprint scope. This session will help waterfall teams who wish to transition to Agile, but feel Scrum could be too risky, and too disruptive. This course is also for those mature Scrum teams who wish to transition to Continuous Delivery and also for teams who are looking for an “alternative path to agility” in the organization. This program will also help you become faster and more responsive, with better risk management and governance.

We offer a Kanban System Design (KMP Foundation 1) virtual live session. The course is designed specifically for professionals who want to think at a deeper level, beyond just their daily work challenges, to effect a long-term sustainable change. Our online live program would be an enriching experience to ensure that you have knowledge and understanding about how to guide a team in their adoption of Kanban – using the STATIK approach and embrace a service-delivery mindset

You will be required to have approx. 20 hours of self-study for better understanding. It is recommended that one should complete the reading of theory before the session so that they can actively participate in all the activities and conversations. For all the participants, complete content is available at To get Certified, one must complete all assignments and attend live virtual sessions. Upon successful completion of the course, professionals will receive certification from the Kanban University.

Learning Objectives:

*Understand the Kanban systems and experience flow in a Kanban simulation.

*Determine and use STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban) to design the Kanban system.

*Create a visual board design and ticket design.

*Identify and reduce the bottlenecks that obstruct your development process.

*Apply meaningful kanban metrics like Flow Efficiency, Lead Time Distribution, Control Chart, and Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD).

*Evaluate WIP limits and conduct effective daily stand up and other kanban meetings.

*Perform the process and practices in collaboration with the team to ensure the service delivery model is “fit for purpose”.

KMP1 Certification Process

*The Kanban Management Professional (KPM Foundation 1) virtual program will be delivered via a webinar platform (Zoom). Once you enroll, you will receive an email with session details.

*It will be mandatory to attend all the live sessions which will be highly interactive, with a lot of discussions and exercises to help you improve the skills. One must attend all live virtual sessions, and complete all the assignments to get certified. Once all the above tasks have been completed, we will upload your details to Kanban University’s website. After that, you will be required to login and download your certificate. The certificate will be valid for a lifetime.

*On successful completion of this training process, you will be awarded the certification of Kanban Management Professional (KMP) by Kanban University.

Trainer: An Agile/Kanban Coach, with over 18 years of IT experience, Sanjay helps organizations learn and transition to Agile in an evolutionary/low-impact manner that aims to bring quick results while maintaining high motivation and low resistance. He has deep understanding of Agile/Kanban concepts and has helped start-ups, mid-size organizations and big corporates in their Agile journey.

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