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Lean Performance & People Capacity Development

23rd to 27th August 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The concepts from Lean Management have been effectively applied in managing teams in some of the most demanding industries like software development, manufacturing, construction and many others. This is due, in the larger part, to the simple methodology to understand and instant impacts when implemented properly.

Similar to almost everything in life, the first steps in Lean Management are the most difficult and become major hurdles for majority of implementation failures by teams. The obligation is on the team leaders to create an environment and the systems conducive for employees to assume responsibility for the practices, behaviours and thinking optimize on improvements made with lean. Inspired by observations, practices and values from Toyota, this workshop will examine the role of team leaders in the development of ecosystems capable of successful lean performance.

This AZTech training course will introduce participants to the concept of a conducive environment for lean performance. Participants will explore their role in people development and responsibilities in creating a learning environment. They will identify the competencies required to examine organizational systems and practices in developing and sustaining capabilities for performance in a lean operation. Participants will also have the opportunity to assess how the organizational contexts support the development of capability for excellence in lean operation and individual performance.

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