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Light at the end of Lead Tunnel| Demand generation for Marketing

18th September 2020

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While demand generation has always been one of the key priorities for Marketing teams, conversion of the Leads in to Opportunities through the Channel has always been a challenge. In the journey from an MQL to SQL/SAL, lies the secret of ensuring better conversion of Leads into Opportunities. Lack of visibility into this journey translates in to dropped leads, ultimately hampering the pipeline for sales teams. Join M P Narayanachar, VP-Business Development, APAC, Denave for the webinar on “Light at the end of Lead Tunnel” where he’d talk about bridging the gap between MQL and SQL. He’ll also discuss about how companies can leverage automation-driven Lead Management platforms which would throw the light and increase visibility of lead progress – thereby getting the demand generation agency, partner & marketers, on same page.

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