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Material 2018

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16th November 2018

Reykjavik, Iceland

Part of the Material series


  1. Profile photo of Benjamin Hennig

    Benjamin Hennig

    Geographer and accidental cartographer

  2. Profile photo of Björn Steinar

    Björn Steinar

    Product designer striving towards societal change

  3. Profile photo of Charlotte Dann

    Charlotte Dann

    Designer / maker / dreamer / doer · Creator of Hexatope

  4. Profile photo of Debbie Chachra

    Debbie Chachra

    Engineering professor & materials scientist

  5. Profile photo of Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    Principal designer at Google Research and Machine Intelligence · Former principal of BERG

  6. Profile photo of Nina Walia

    Nina Walia

    Experience Designer for ubiquitous technology and emerging platforms