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Material 2018

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16th November 2018

in Reykjavik, Iceland

Part of the Material series

Debbie Chachra

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Engineering professor & materials scientist

Deb is a Professor of Engineering and one of the early faculty at Olin College, which was founded to rethink engineering education at the undergraduate level. She has research and teaching interests in education, design, and infrastructure, with a background in materials science. She received her PhD from the University of Toronto and held a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT, and her research has primarily focused on biological materials, including heart valves, bone, and the fibre-reinforced polyester made by bees. At this conference, her goal is to help participants develop a deeper understanding of some of the central ideas of materials science, including how they manifest in emerging technologies like 3D printing and bionanotechnology.

WIRED magazine described her work as being plugged Oculus-style into her brain while she meditates on science and culture’.

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