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Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – München

Logo of Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – München Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – München

27th August 2019

Munich, Germany

This is our second of four stops of the Mozilla Developer Roadshow. Join us for a meetup-style, Mozilla-focused event series for people who build the Web. Hear from expert speakers highlighting the latest and best in Mozilla and Firefox technologies.

Huge thanks to our local community partners in Munich, which are Munich Frontend Conference and Munich Frontend Meetup. Also a big thank you to our Microsoft for hosting this event!

(This event is close to selling out. If you want to join, be quick!)

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  1. Profile photo of Ali Spivak

    Ali Spivak

  2. Profile photo of Dan Callahan

    Dan Callahan

  3. Profile photo of Diane Hosfelt

    Diane Hosfelt

  4. Profile photo of Fabien Benetou

    Fabien Benetou

  5. Profile photo of Hui Jing Chen

    Hui Jing Chen


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