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2nd International Conference on Neurology & Neuroscience

8th to 10th June 2020

Barcelona, Spain

We take the privilege of hosting International Neurologists meetings worldwide and very excited to expand “2nd International Conference on Neurology & Neuroscience” (ICNN 2020)is going to be held on June 08 -10 | 2020 | Barcelona| Spain organized by Frontiers Meetings Ltd. This conference is a unique international platform that’s a confluence of all stake holders of the ecosystem – Industry, Academia, Researchers, Innovators, Regulators – coming together to present and discuss on the theme “Emerging Challenges and Advances in Neurology and Neuroscience.” This format has proven to be extremely popular with Clinicians and researchers, Heads, Deans and Professors of Neurology or Neuroscience departments. I do hope you will mark this date in your calendar, check the website for updates and join us in Barcelona for what promises to be another exciting, cutting edge exploration of the latest advances in Neurology and Neuroscience.

SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS 1. Neurology 2. Central Nervous System 3. Neuro Muscular Disorders 4. Autonomic Neurology 5. Behavioural Neurology 6. Neurophysiology 7. Child Neurology 8. Psychiatry 9. Neurosurgery 10. Neuroimaging and Radiology 11. Clinical Neurology and Neuropsychiatry 12. Neuropharmacology 13. Neurogenetic and Neurometabolic disorders 14. Nursing Care in Neurology 15. Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies 16. Spine Disorders 17. Neurorehabilitation & Neuroplasticity 18. Neural Engineering 19. Neuropathology 20. Paediatric Neurology 21. Dementia 22. Molecular Neuroscience 23. Mental Health 24. Neurological disorders Target Audience: • Neurologists and Directors • Physicians • Neuroscientists • Specialists • Researchers • Health care professionals • Professors • Industrial Experts • Neurosurgeons • Psychiatrist • Nutritional Scientists • Lecturers and Students from Academia

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    Alberto de bellis, M.D.

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