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New Adventures 2019

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23rd to 25th January 2019

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Part of the New Adventures series

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  1. Exploring the Problem Space: Better Discovery Research

    Whilst you’re shaping the problem space and understanding and defining which user needs to focus on, you should ideally be doing discovery research. Perhaps you are a slave to your process, constrained by your clients or literally stuck in your lab? Get out of your rut and come along to Emma Boulton's half day workshop and change your mindset.

    What to expect

    Have you ever had to do discovery research with no budget and no user researchers? Or is your discovery process limited to stakeholder interviews and competitor research? Then this workshop is for you. The secrets of Emma's hands-on, collaborative approach to discovery research could be yours after only half a day in her class. Come away armed with her templates, techniques and tips for doing discovery well.

    This half-day workshop involves a balance of presentation, conversation and small group exercises. You will learn:

    • How the Research Funnel can help
    • Why you should write a research brief
    • How to make sense of what you already know
    • Research methods to plug the gaps
    • How to bring it altogether
    • How to translate your insights into an action plan

    Who's it for?

    Digital or product design folks who would benefit from doing better discovery research. Designers, product managers and user researchers.

    What to bring?

    Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for note taking. This workshop is paper based so you will not require your laptop or tablet unless that is your preferred way of note taking. Handouts and electronic versions of all templates Emma shares will be provided at the end.


    Tea and coffee are served during registration and morning break. Breakfast rolls are available during registration, with pastries during the morning break.

  2. The Progressive Web: Building For Resilience

    This workshop will show you how to think in a progressive way that works with the grain of the web. Together we’ll peel back the layers of the web and build upwards, creating experiences that work for everyone while making the best of cutting-edge browser technologies. From URL design to Progressive Web Apps, this journey will cover each stage of technological advancement. Best of all, you’ll leave the workshop with a fresh way of seeing your work.

    The web is a design medium like no other. We can design and develop sites that take full advantage of the latest browser features on the newest devices, while still ensuring that the core content is available to everyone, regardless of their browser, device, or network connection.

    Attendees will learn how to see beneath the surface layer of interfaces and interrogate the real value that users are looking for: instead of starting with swiping, clicking, dragging or dropping, we’ll think about shopping, sharing, reading and writing. Then the interactive enhancements can be layered on top.

    We’ll take a look at the latest in browser technologies and see how they can be used in a responsible way. JavaScript APIs, offline access with Service Workers, even notifications—there’s so much we can do to improve the experience of using the web …if we use these technologies wisely.

    Who's it for?

    This workshop is for designers and developers. There won’t be much hands-on code though. The concepts are more important than the code.

    What to bring?

    You won’t need a computer. We’ll use pen and paper. And our brains.

    Refreshments and lunch

    Tea and coffee are served during registration and all breaks. Breakfast rolls are available during registration, with pastries during morning breaks. Full day workshoppers get a hot buffet lunch and afternoon cake.

  3. Front-end Performance: Building Faster Websites

    Every case-study, every report, and every bit of feedback always tells us the same thing: speed matters. It’s good for users, it’s good for accessibility, and it’s good for business. But why are modern browsing experiences so slow? If technology is getting better, why are websites getting worse?

    Topics covered

    In this workshop, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

    • how the network really works, and how to design around it;
    • how to keep websites fast whilst keeping clients and stakeholders happy;
    • how to optimise our assets for faster delivery;
    • how to trick the browser into delivering assets with different priorities;
    • how to measure and profile performance wins and losses;
    • a whole host of tips, tricks, and techniques to help us deliver the same experiences in record times;
    • a bunch of fascinating little factoids and trivia which help shine a light on what’s really going on under the hood;
    • how to prepare for the web (and its users) of tomorrow;
    • lots of naughty little micro-optimisations, just for fun;
    • and a lot, lot more.

    100% of previous attendees would recommend the workshop to colleagues!


    This workshop is targeted at intermediate to advanced front-end developers, web designers, and software engineers, or anybody who writes code. There will be resources and case studies for you to take back to non-technical stakeholders to help convince them of the power of performance. You will need a laptop and something for making a lot of notes.

    Refreshments and lunch

    Tea and coffee are served during registration and all breaks. Breakfast rolls are available during registration, with pastries during morning breaks. Full day workshoppers get a hot buffet lunch and afternoon cake.