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New Adventures 2019

Logo of New Adventures 2019 New Adventures 2019

23rd to 25th January 2019

in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Event news

  1. Sharpening our focus

    We've aired similar opinions on Twitter and in person for some time, but with the return of the conference these ambitions feel sharpened; we have the confidence to be …

  2. New speakers: Brendan & Josh

    Brendan Dawes closed our 2011 event with a hugely valuable (and very funny) talk, and he matches our returning themes perfectly. …

  3. Design notes: a simple plan

    We wanted New Adventures to return with a distinct, modern identity, and see how much we could achieve with as little as possible. It’s intentionally simple because the …

  4. New Adventures returns!

    With every passing week digital design seemed to be losing its way; misguided thinking, obsession over tooling, and increasing uncertainty about its future. New …