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Nightlybuild 2017

Logo of Nightlybuild 2017 Nightlybuild 2017

1st September 2017

Cologne, Germany

Part of the NightlyBuild series

A web…
… for the next generation
… for future developers
… for everyone
… for a better world
… seen through time and space

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  1. Profile photo of Amber Wilson

    Amber Wilson

  2. Profile photo of Aminata Sidibe

    Aminata Sidibe

  3. Profile photo of Bruce Lawson [MC]

    Bruce Lawson [MC]

  4. Profile photo of Jana M. Beck

    Jana M. Beck

  5. Profile photo of Natalie Pistunovich

    Natalie Pistunovich

  6. Profile photo of Stefan Judis

    Stefan Judis


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Get to know the organizer

  • Avatar of Anselm Hannemann

    Anselm Hannemann (@helloanselm) Colloq Team

    Frontend Developer, Engineering Manager, Market Gardener.

    lives in Iffeldorf, Germany

    I’m one of the founders of Colloq which I started in 2015 with @tobiastom and @foobartel as sustainable, non-VC backed company that respects privacy and fosters a healthy internet and company/business culture that works for and with humans.

    Besides that I’m working as freelance frontend developer and work as Engineering Manager and Scrum Master for various clients around the world. I’m also author of a weekly newsletter called WDRL with over 20k subscribers.

    I pursue a life of responsibility and aim to improve our society and other people’s lives. I deeply care about the environment we live and work in and have helped companies, charities and non-governmental organisations with my knowledge to save money, reach more people and do meaningful work.

    I’m also owner of a 1-acre farmland where I grow vegetables and build a space full of biodiversity and healthy, organically grown food that is sold locally. More on that soon…