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Off the Grid

22nd December 2017

Melbourne, Australia

This is a solar powered celebration dedicated to transforming the cities we live in. It’s about flipping the system on its head. We, as humans, are the only barrier delaying the transition to a world based on infinite resources. Not only is this future possible, it is inevitable. Off the Grid will help speed up the shift, but we need your help. Here’s how we plan to do it:

Music sounds better

We’ll connect one of the finest sound systems to a battery bank and some solar panels, and assemble a talented crew of artists, musicians and minds to connect technology with creativity. 14 hours of talks, dancing, eating and drinking, without sending a single piece of material to landfill. Sounds impossible right? Be realistic, demand the impossible.

From the sun

Using all of the profit from Off the Grid, we plan to help power the entire city, one solar project at a time. The power that is generated from the solar project will be sold back to the grid and the money then invested back into more parties. Once the city is 100% renewable, we will give that infrastructure back to the people of Melbourne.

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